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Content Writing Services

Whether you're the founder of a large digital mental health start-up or a private psychotherapist just starting your practice, my mental health writing services can help you write SEO content that's geared toward your specific audience.

My clients love that my writing sounds like a warm, informed, and empathetic therapist talking to their clients - because, in essence, that's what I am!

Great content is critical for making sure the right clients find you. You have clinical expertise to help them once they walk through your doors - I have the content marketing expertise to help them find their way to you.


Blog Content
for therapists, rehabs, and more

Mental health marketing is a lot more complicated than setting up a website and a Psychology Today profile.


Fresh blog content is a way to let potential clients know that your practice is active, and that you're willing to take the extra step to connect with them.


It's also one of the most important things you can do for your website's SEO rankings. 



for therapist websites

When people land on your website, that's your first victory.


Once they're there, though, you need to capture them. Website design is one way you can do this, but your copywriting is just as important. Your website copy should reflect who you are as a therapist or company. It should talk directly to who you want to reach - not to the whole world.

I can help you with landing pages, services pages, about pages, and more. I write in your voice, as you, and won't stop until you're happy.



About mental health topics

eBooks can be a great tool to provide in-depth value for your clients.


They're more visually appealing than ordinary blog posts, and can dive in deeper to the topic, too.


Let's say you're a grief therapist. You can (and should) post regular blog posts about grief. But a free downloadable eBook could include a complete guide to the process of grief and how grief counseling can help.


Think of it like a digital pamphlet - but instead of just talking about yourself, you're giving potential clients a taste of what treatment with you would be like


SEO Content
for therapists, rehabs, and start-ups

SEO for therapists and other mental health providers is critical. But you're busy being a wonderful therapist or start-up founder helping people in your community. You shouldn't have to spend time looking up SEO keywords and worrying about content marketing.

I do that for you. I'll research the best SEO keywords to use in the content I write for you so that together, we connect you with the people who most need your help.


Video Scripts
For YouTube channels & digital apps​

Video content is the most-viewed content on the internet. People who are really serious about their marketing strategy, like digital health start-ups, should seriously consider creating video content for either their website or their app to capture users' interest.

I can help you write scripts that sound natural and warm, instead of mechanical and clinical.


Digital Courses
for start-ups and mental health apps

On top of being a clinician, I'm also a mental health training specialist for many years. Whether it's for your clients or your employees, I can create a digital course for you on mental health topics.


I've created courses for mental health practices and digital health start-up apps. The courses I create take dense medical information and make them easily accessible for the everyday consumer. 

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